Michael Reza Pacha is an international specialist in wealth management and financial advice, who has worked in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for many years.

He is the Chairman and founder of Index & Cie, which he created in 2015 after moving to Dubai, a global financial hub.

As a tireless entrepreneur, he is also the founder and CEO of the ENRROXS Energy & Mining group and president and founder of JurisConsult International.

Michael Reza Pacha, the founder of Index & Cie

For 15 years in France, Michael Reza Pacha first practiced the profession of notary, after studying law at the University of Nice and obtaining a higher diploma in notarial work (DSN) at the University of Aix-Marseille. In 2008, he also graduated from the University of Paris Dauphine with a Masters in International Taxation Law.

In 2009, Michael Reza Pacha decided to give a new impetus to his career by settling in Dubai. With his very long professional experience and his expertise in international taxation, he works independently for companies and individuals alike, as a consultant specializing in wealth management and financial advice.

In the wake of this successful move, and the development of his activity and satisfaction of his clients, he founded Index & Cie in 2015, surrounding himself with a team of professionals with international profiles.